About us

We are a concentrated and well researched consulting firm, comprising of veterans across industries with a quantum of experience in strategizing, implementing vivid array of business verticals and operations.

We carve a niche by marking a strong preference for thorough understanding of the client’s needs and its context, creating a shared commitment on the path ahead.

We are extremely well-networked with the best-in-class talent from information technology, telecom, financial services, banking, knowledge process outsourcing, consumer services and many more yet to come in future.

Our vast expertise has grown in the forte of Human Resource in providing Placement Solutions to first-rate companies in India as well as in the international countries.

We look forward to partner with you in fulfilling your essentials of acquiring talents and support the organizations in achieving the business objectives. Indestructible team at Alpha Mind Works works persistently in maculating the finest talents for companies.

We choose the superlative of recruiters who are ace and have wealth of experience in recognizing the right postulant.

Client Acquisition

Account Managers responds to new client leads and inquires to procure business.


Consultants receive briefing from Account Managers on the requirement and delivery timelines.


The consultant’s brief’s the research team so that they can identify matches within the existing database as well as contact networks.


The Research Team maps the client’s direct & allied industries to identify every possible fitment. Candidate leads are screened through a first level contact & reference check.

Candidate Validation

Data charted by the Research Team gets validated through personal interviews conducted by consultants where the candidates are assessed for matching the requirement.


The top 3-5 accurate entrants are presented to the client for his consideration.

Finalist & Backup’s

Clients makes a final selection based on a series of assemblies or provides feedback to refine the search. Backup candidates are always maintained as etiquette procedure.


Complete support is provided by Account Managers in negotiating compensation with the finalist candidate.


Interest management between candidate and client till date of joining culminates is handled by Account Managers


Invoices with a maximum of 15 days credit are raised on clients on the date of candidate’s joining. In case of replacements, credit notes are placed in the clients account to be utilized in identifying a replacement.

Relationship Management

Handled on an ongoing basis with the client to ensure repeat business and valued referrals.